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Pop culture phenomenons are a tricky thing, particularly when they are in their infancy. The thing is that if someone is creative enough to come up with a funny idea, you know ten other people have already beaten you to the punch and are profitting from it this very second.

Consider the recently coined acronym VPILF.

What had to be moments after Sarah Palin was selected as McCain's running mate, last Friday, a website called sprang to national attention. Relying on everyone's douchebag friend who forwards anything remotely funny to everyone in his contact list, you know that guy, news of the site has reached across the country to e-mail inboxes around the world.

Word has it that Barack Obama's half-brother George, living in a shack outside of Nairobi, Kenya, was just forwarded an e-mail with a link to the site yesterday while fending off a gang of machete wielding thugs with his bare hands.

The site is an entirely serious homage to the M-16 toting former beauty queen, focusing on her economic policies, commitment to energy independence and debunking poorly photoshopped shots of Palin's face over bikini-clad babes.

We're reminded that Palin is just one heartbeat away from becoming a PILF.

Using the Google, a search of the term VPILF bounces back 24,600 possible matches as of this writing. Upon further research, 23,599 of those are entries to blogs written by people commenting about how is so funny and original.

For those of you who need their hands held, VPILF is a parody of the term MILF, popularized by the "American Pie" movie trilogy. If memory serves, the films are about a band of young hobbits who are on a quest to meet an elf queen before they graduate.

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