Nickelsville is Waiting... Waiting...


From Aimee: “It looks like the arrests are going to start happening any minute.”

They’ve been talking to Anitra Freeman and Leo Rhodes. Freeman back with three options--first is to just go and the city will put the stuff somewhere for them to pick up later. The second was a group of about 25 people willing to be arrested en masse to kind of resolve the whole thing. The final option was for everyone to hold out on their own as is their want and see how it plays out.

“They said they won’t mistreat you, please don’t mistreat them,” Freeman relayed back to the group.

There’s still no determination on the parking lot, Curl reports. It sounds like the city will deal with their own property, but no one’s posted any notice or issued warnings for them to get out. A new deadline to resolve everything was set for 1 p.m.

“But it continues, it’s past 1 o’clock and nobody’s been arrested yet,” Curl says. “It’s kind of like an elongated press conference, everybody’s waiting around.”

“Everybody’s really calm, they’re just waiting around for the cops to do something.”

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