MSFT Buys Back


Microsoft has announced plans to buy back $40 billion worth of its own stock. Presently trading around $25 per share, the stock was priced about 10 bucks higher last fall. Buy-backs are a common device to raise share prices, particularly after multiple splits and dilution of value. But who wants to buy boring old MSFT stock when the same amount could buy you all of the following...

• WaMu and the building it comes in

• A new Seattle pro basketball team you could call The Windows Warriors

• Votes from Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens on whatever bills you like, for life

• More wide receivers for the Seahawks

• At least a few blocks of Viaduct replacement or tunnel

• Enough new 520 bridge span to cross Portage Bay (then swim to Bellevue)

• Better TV ads for Dino Rossi

• Complete image makeover for Gov. Chris Gregoire

• Permanent housing for residents of Nickelsville and city's other homeless

• Bribe for Tim Eyman, just to make him go away

• A chain of alt-weekly newspapers, only slightly damaged

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