Did anyone not think Sarah Palin would give a hum-dinger of an acceptance speech last night?

All the standard lines one would expect were hit


McCain Might Have Picked the Right Runningmate

Did anyone not think Sarah Palin would give a hum-dinger of an acceptance speech last night?

All the standard lines one would expect were hit upon. She’s a hockey mom who worked her way up the political ladder by fighting corruption in Alaska’s Republican Party. She talked up John McCain’s service to his country, as a sailor and a statesman. And there were a few choice words reserved for Barack Obama and the cut of paper he uses for his resume.

The only surprise, and this hicktown reporter has watched his fair share of political stump speeches, was the detail Palin reserved for discussing actual real political issues. She touched on foreign policy with Russia, Iran and Venezuela; energy independence and oil drilling, natural gas pipelines and balancing budgets; Victory in Iraq and the defeat of Islamic fundamentalism.

There are plenty of other news outlets who can and will have expounded at length about all the political pila she hurled at Obama’s shield wall.

A transcript of her acceptance speech is here.

For Democrats who still don’t get the appeal of Sarah Palin, think of a Republican Ann Richards; a feisty female politician with moxie and grit, who has stood up against the political good-old-boys network but, and this is the most important quality, is still one of the guys.

Palin is just one of the guys. The Wasilla native is just people, like you and me and anyone who has ever grown up in a middle, or lower-middle class family.

Conventional political wisdom states that presidential elections are won in swing states: Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania. There are small town and rural voters, in those states and across the country, laboring in factories, working with their hands who have been voting Democrat because they’ve always voted Democrat. Because their parents and grandparents voted Democrats. They’re the Democrats of Harry Truman, another former candidate for Vice President from a small town who was underestimated by his political opponents.

Palin is going to appeal to independents and blue-collar Democrats who often are more conservative than many Republicans on fiscal and conservative issue.

It’s not just because she’s a good looking and articulate woman, and we’ve all had fun pointing that out because she is. But Palin speaks their language. She understands that effete liberals, living in gated-communities and metropolitan high-rises look down their snouts at rubes and rednecks living in fly-over country that drive pickup trucks, listen to country music and live in mobile parks while doing all those stereotypical grotty things that everyone not living in New York or San Francisco or Seattle do in their free time.

By the way, hunting season is coming up, a cue for political types to don hunter orange for the first time in a decade. You can probably bet Palin doesn’t need to show how big her cojones are, like John Kerry, Mitt Romney or Al Gore, by going out and shooting some hapless duck or goose.

That sound you heard after the last hoarse GOP delegate filed out of the Xcel Energy Center was a collective “ruh-roh” on the part Democratic staffers who need to come up with some plan to pull the plug on Palin power.

And it better be something other than simply rehashing the same boring line about Bush-McCain-The-Same. Dems have been running against George W. Bush for eight years now. Unsuccessfully. Quite frankly it is getting old, particularly when there are real problems and real issues the next President will have to face.

America can’t afford another four years Bush bashing.

Although according to U.K. Guardian, Joe Biden is talking about pursuing criminal charges against the current administration.

As time has gone by, it is becoming more and more apparent that Barack Obama should have selected Hillary Clinton as his running mate. (There's still time!!!) And as the weeks progress, one has a hunch that Democrats might wish they had chosen Clinton, a political street brawler and a survivor, and not a glass-jawed pretty boy as their presidential candidate.

All that garbage about Bristol Palin’s baby daddy can now be relegated to the dust bin of kook-fringe demagoguery.

You’ll still have wonderful examples of humanity posting and commenting on liberal blogs and news outlets like The Stranger calling Palin’s newborn son a “Downer” or a “Tard”. And it will take awhile for left-wing partisans and irrelevant frauds like Dr. Laura to do the politically obvious by laying off the whole woman’s-place-is-in-the-home meme.

If it’s alright for Barack and Michelle Obama to have begun putting new White House China patterns on layaway in 2005, while raising two young daughters, Sarah and Todd Palin probably can balance raising their brood while seeking lifetime federal pension benefits.

But if the attacks on the Palin children progress, though, here’s a warning. Never get between a mother polar bear and her cubs.

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