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King County Executive Ron Sims isn't the only convention attendee bent on giving us the blow by blow via Twitter.

Last week, you were gripped by his entries like:

Denver is very hot. I forgot to drink lots of water. Just left a reception after drinking four bottles of water. Still got heat sick. Ugh! about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry

And sat on the edge of your seat for Sims' updates such as:

Governor Gregoire is speaking. She woke us up! Norm Dicks and Jay Inslee are here as well. We just sang Happy Birthday to Mike Gregoire. about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Just because the Dems have gone home doesn't mean the Twittering has stopped, it's just gotten more boring-- if that's possible. The Washington Republican Delegation in Minneapolis has its own Twitter page, but so far it's only blasted links to news stories and Web sites. Come on R's! We wanna know what you ate for lunch, what Rob McKenna's wearing today, and what you make of Cindy McCain's hot pink wrist brace-- and that freak handshake injury.

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