The Starbucks 'Deal'


Starbucks has expanded its Seattle afternoon delight deal - going nationwide with $2 iced grandes in the p.m. To get this bargain, you have to buy a drink at the regular price in the a.m., and return with your receipt after 2 p.m.

This suggests two things: One, if Starbucks can still make money selling two drinks for the price of one and a half, its customers have long been overcharged (there's a surprise!). Two, "deal" is defined much like "free" in the Starbucks vocabulary ("free" wi-fi, for example, is free for two hours - after you buy a Starbucks card).

But then this comes from a company that thinks it's wise to announce it's in a business crisis, suddenly closing 600 stores and laying off 1,000 workers (the alternative to this is called planning ahead and quietly pulling back).

Why, it's as if the company is being run like the Sonics were!

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