Meet Your (Good Lookin') Delegates


As the Democratic National Convention kicks off on Denver, wonder if that crazed Clinton supporter from your caucus made the cut, or if that Obama true believer you sat next to is still just as true? The state party has a nifty Flickr page where you can search by photo for delegates be they Obama, Clinton, or Super. Most of the photos all have this dreamy quality to them, something about the light-green background, which makes everyone look real handsome-- or maybe it's just the mountain air out here. There's a rainbow of ethnicities and ages, and even the wrinkled look appealing (and earnest) in the warm, late-summer glow. You can learn what district your delegate is from and get a pithy quote about why they're jazzed about Obama-- or in the case of the Clinton delegates, the Democratic Party. Though click on Majid Al-Bahadli, pictured above, and you'll learn more: that he was born in Baghdad and locked up by the U.S. as a prisoner of war for nearly five years. It's your neighbor at the caucus, sure, but also a Where's Waldo of the state's political who's who. One notable, smooth jazz-loving, superdelegate is hiding in the Obama delegate block. Can you find him?

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