Freedom from Deserts


The state primary election Aug. 19 is the people's election. It's the free-for-all before the races are whittled to the top two and then get awfully, politically, serious as we head off to November. For now, in the state Voters' Pamphlet, the free spirits have the floor - maybe even your vote. A few snippets.

Christian Pierre Joubert, Democrat, Governor

I respectfully proposed my "Fundamental Freedoms" plan of action: Freedom from Diseases...Freedom from Pollution, Waste and Wars...Freedom from Excessive Mortgages, Debts and Homelessness...Freedom from Ignorance, Alienation and Recession...Freedom from Hunger, Deserts and World Misery...Freedom from Injustice and Tyranny.

David Blomstrom, Nonpartisan, Supt. of Public Instruction

Viva Chavez! No, I haven't lost my mind - just my profession (teaching) and students...I'm trying to tap into the energy generated by Venezuela's president. Hugo Chavez has some good ideas, too - like holding corrupt corporations accountable...In fact, public education's biggest problem is corporate corruption, the de facto privatization of our schools.

Mark A. Goldman, independent, U.S. House Dist. 7

I rise to defend the moon and stars, the air we breathe, the oceans and the rivers, the plants and all living things upon this our Mother Earth...The attacks upon the Earth, the betrayal of our fellow human beings and the assault upon decency itself must not be tolerated any longer.

Goodspaceguy Nelson, Democrat, U.S. House Dist 7.

Goodspaceguy wants Orbital Space Colonization to be one of the great tasks for our new 21st Century. Through NASA, we have already paid the necessary money for the start of an Earth orbiting space colony...we should [later] build additional profitable colonies in orbit around the Moon and Mars, where solar power is also plentiful.

Matthew R. Hale, Nonpartisan, King County Superior Court

Matthew Hale had to earn his success. When he enrolled in Highline Community College at age 17, Matt already had spent summers working as a laborer and carpenter. Whether he was given a shovel, a hammer or just asked to crawl under a house to repair rotted timbers, he met the task.

Leslie Klein, Republican, WA House, Dist. 36

I am running for two reasons: To give the largest minority in my District, Republicans, someone that they can vote for...[and] To promote my campaign theme of "Compassion for a Republican."

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