After watching the former First Lady and Senator from New York deliver her farewell address to supporters, last night, one can only conclude that Hillary


Don't Stop Thinking About 2012

After watching the former First Lady and Senator from New York deliver her farewell address to supporters, last night, one can only conclude that Hillary has finally ended her dream to become the first female President of the United States.

And the Rolling Stones have decided to stop touring.

So far the only thing worth watching in Denver have been the Clintons. Just like always, the Arkansas duo have hogged the limelight and upstaged all the hack actors flubbing their lines and railing against the Bush tax cuts.

Note to students of media and politics. It is not a good thing that the only thing being talked about is Hillary and Bubba. Can’t wait until Bill gives his speech tonight.

The Democrats should have nominated Hillary Clinton. It bears repeating every time Obama’s campaign commits a gaffe – text messaging the VP choice?!? – and every time McCain draws even and ahead in the polls.

Hillary is being praised for her graceful exit from the race. Oh my! You mean she didn’t pull a Pat Buchanan in 1992? The audience wasn’t treated to a spittle-filled diatribe against the Democratic nominee?

Surprise of surprises. These are the Clinton’s we’re talking about. They’ve been winning elections before Obama was a state legislator, attending fundraisers held by Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers.

As entertaining as it would have been to see Hillary stalk from the stage, leading her delegates off the convention floor to re-create a new Bull Moose Party, there was no chance that was ever happening.

Hillary Clinton wanted to go out on a high note, graceful in defeat, so she can come back and waltz into the White House. In 2012, not 2016.

Out of the 2,400 words in her speech, more than 1500 were about her own background and accomplishments. She does not speak at any length about Barack Obama until almost two-thirds of the way through her performance; only after her line about the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits; after mentioning the passing of two Democratic politicians. And tellingly, she doesn’t mention any of Obama’s numerous legislative accomplishments.

I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

According to the television talking heads, the Hillary speech had been the subject of several rewrites up until moments before it was delivered. Glancing through the transcript you can see where.

When she brought up John McCain, whom she mentioned by name only six times, the attacks against her “friend and colleague” in the Senate seem ad hoc and cobbled-together. John McCain is the same as George W. Bush. We can’t afford four more years of the Bush administration. Yada, yada.

That chestnut has long been picked clean of meat, leaving nothing but an empty shell.

The McCain campaign is making a great deal about attracting Clinton supporters who have become disenchanted with how this race was stolen. Looking at the aftermath Florida and Michigan primary debacles, one can’t help but agree.

Consequently, the standard line of the day is Democrats showing partisan unity. Over and over, reporters have stuck a microphone in front of a button-covered Clinton delegate. That this is even necessary is more bad news for those chanting the Hope, Change mantra.

It is a no-brainer that Clinton delegates, who no doubt have given thousands of dollars and volunteer hours electing Democrats, are going to support their party’s eventual nominee.

The issue is the independent voters, not in Denver and certainly not watching coverage of the DNC Convention, whom Hillary would have attracted in the general election. Pennsylvania steel workers, Midwest farmers, former “Southern Democrats” and aging retirees the Clintons cobbled into a coalition during the 1990s.

Will they be attracted to a statesman of great accomplishment? Or an old naval aviator?

Extra: So far this DNC convention is a wet squib. The Veepstakes winner, Joe Biden, has generated the amount of buzz that guarantees the Delaware Senator’s exile to county fairs and Rotary meetings for the rest of the campaign.

Michelle Obama’s performance was underwhelming. Ted Kennedy was typically incoherent. And the rest of the keynote speakers keep warning voters about “W” trying to violate the 22nd Amendment.

The worst thing, by far, is the utter lack of police violence. What's the point of stockpiling tear gas and building holding cells if you're not using it on aging baby boomers and community college students.

The pathetic mewling from the Recreate 68 crowd has, so far, failed to come anywhere close to inciting the chaos and looting which are the typical hallmarks of any post-function potluck dinners and cocktail parties held during political conventions. The “Recreate 68” protestors have failed to even match the turmoil we all associate with the raucous 1896 Democratic National Convention Convention. “Free Silver! Jim Crow!”

Just as embarrassing, according to some reports, the number of crazy Christian fundamentalists out on the streets outnumbers their kook-fringe counterparts on the left.

The protestors probably need more people with megaphones shouting “9/11 Was an Inside Job” while Chris Matthews is interviewing folks on Hardball. That will get the message across.

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