Colin Powell to Teach Seattleites About "Take-Charge Leadership"--Not a Joke Unfortunately


Hey, everybody! It's time to Get Motivated! And who better to inspire you to take charge, to speak truth to power, to stand up for what you believe in during time of crisis, than former Bush Administration shill Colin Powell! That's right. The guy who told the UN all about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and helped insure the deaths of thousands and thousands of U.S. soldiers and Iraqi citizens is coming to Seattle this month to instruct us about Take-Charge Leadership.

Among the hilariously ironic topics this former Cabinet patsy will address:

How to Rapidly Expand Your Circle of Influence.

The Unified Team: How To Get Everyone on the Same Page.

Crucial Systems for Reducing Costs and Increasing Profits.

(Emphasis from Powell, except for "Reducing Costs;" that one's mine.)

It's all part of the GET MOTIVATED! Business Seminar, an all-day affair at Key Arena on Monday the 25th. If you've got some war crimes planned and need backup, be sure to send your entire staff. It's only $19 if you send everyone in your office!!

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