Campaign to Nowhere?

dony1.jpg Young

Who knows, maybe Brett Bader's back in Alaska. Clearly U.S. Rep. Don Young - who teamed with Sen. Ted Stevens to propose that memorable Bridge to Nowhere - could have used another GOP consultant or three.

At this moment, Young, seeking no less than his 18th term, is leading by a mere quarter of one percent after the whiteout state's Tuesday primary. Out of almost 85,000 votes cast, he led Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell by just 145 votes. The winner goes on to the November election against Demo Ethan Berkowitz, a state legislator relatively unmarked by the ongoing political scandals there.

Speaking of that: Stevens seemed to prove any publicity is good publicity by wiping out six Republican primary challengers Tuesday even though he's facing trial next month on charges of failing to disclose more than $250,000 in largesse from oil-biz execs.

It's going to be an intriguing campaign matching Stevens and Demo challenger/Anchorage mayor Mark Begich. Come November, Uncle Ted could be headed either to Congress or prison. Either way, he's sure to see old friends.

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