Washington State Delegates: Hipper Than The Rest Of The Country's


So says Kenny Be, the cartoonist at our sister paper in Denver, in a hilarious breakdown of what Denverites can expect out of Evergreen State D's come convention time: "Washingtonians will be extremely polite and helpful, but don't expect to exchange personal information. As the saying goes, they are as 'warm as a Washington winter.' Their aloofness has been identified as a pathological disorder called the Washington State Superiority Complex. Studies show that residents of the Evergreen State have very high opinions of themselves, and that they maintain their hipper-than-the-rest-of-America attitude by engaging in a statewide pecking order of 'coolness'...The pretentious wannabes who live in Port Angeles, Bellingham and Vancouver are still considered cool enough to feel superior to residents of Spokane, Renton and Yakima — and on down the list to Walla Walla and, lastly, Tacoma...While in Denver, Washingtonians will be the delegates with unreasonably high expectations for the Obama presidency, combined with unbelievably low opinions of America's ability to meet them. Because of this, they will most likely be the delegates to get totally wasted on the final night of the convention and trash their hotel rooms."

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