Top 10 Lists That Didn't Make the Cut


As you probably already now, today, the Seattle Times published an op-ed by Greg Nickels entitled "10 lame reasons to delay mass transit". Ron Sims' reply can be found here. The two Sound Transit board members (Nickels is the current chair) are debating the agency's latest proposal for light rail, heavy rail, and bus service expansions. Fefer declares Sims the winner, but I'm with Nickels--a few flat jokes doesn't change the fact that the rail is needed, and he gets bonus points for the shout-out to the superb Seattle Transit Blog.

What you might not know is that many local figures have tried to get their own top ten lists published in the Times, only to be rebuffed, often because they couldn't come up with ten items to fit the stated criteria. Here is a partial list of the rejected proposals:

Tim Eyman:

10 good ideas


10 uses for me

Ron Sims:

10 reasons bus rapid transit should replace air travel

Greg Nickels:

10 times I've said 'no' to Paul Allen

Doug Sutherland:

10 ways to score with subordinates

Christine Gregoire and Frank Chopp:

10 bad Tim Eyman ideas that we wouldn't bend over backwards to reinstate if the courts threw them out

Tom Carr:

10 ways J. Edgar Hoover was misunderstood

Kemper Freeman:

10 times I've used public transportation

Dino Rossi (part 1 of 2):

10 reasons my family wouldn't be broke if I managed our budget like I want to manage the state's.

Dino Rossi (part 2 of 2):

10 uses for the eight lane bridge in my backyard

Frank Colacurcio, Jr.:

10 reasons to let your daughter intern with me

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