Today in Rahr v. Sims


King County Sheriff Sue Rahr says the proposed $7.5 million cut she's supposed to take due to $73 million deficit in the 2009 general fund, will result in fewer deputies, less oversight, and no investigating stolen cars valued at less than an Escalade. She went on a tour of rural, unincorporated areas to talk about the cuts/blame Ron Sims if policing services are cut and people were pissed.

So today, when she presented her proposed budget proposal to the Executive's office, she included a couple of shots across the bow. The first was suggesting that instead of taking all the cuts directly, she would stop kicking money back to the county for overhead costs (using copy machines, building space, things like that.) It's not something she seriously expects to get, but: "I cannot, in good conscience, cut services to the public without seeking corresponding cuts in services provided to the Sheriff's Office by other County department," she says in prepared remarks, given this morning with her proposal. That's basically bureaucracy-speak for saying she intends to tell her landlord she's no longer paying rent. Investigation of property crimes over $10,000 was left in and the number of deputies she expects to cut went from 100 to 20.

It's kind of a joke, meant to make a point about the cuts she's being asked to eat while county departments that aren't dependent on the general fund skate through the budget process unscathed. Sims gets to recommend the final budget to the council, so it's unlikely to get through. The County Council will vote on the final budget in November.

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