Lives of the Not-So-Rich but Still Famous


Robert Jamieson has a touching look at the community-wide effort to save jazz vocalist Ernestine Anderson's house, on the brink of foreclosure after she ended up with one of the subprime loans that have wreaked havoc on the lives of people who were given mortgages way out of their price range in the housing boom.

I don't want to see Anderson in foreclosure either, but as Jamieson mentions, she already has one home, and the one she was about to lose was a six-bedroom domicile. When it comes to people whose lives are on the verge of being devastated to the tune of no assets, trashed credit, and loss of a place to lay their head it seems that there are other people more desperately in need of a $50,000 shot in the arm. But they didn't win a Grammy so no collection is being taken up for them.

I'm glad we could come together to help out a Seattle icon, but it would be nice to see this largesse include not only the note-worthy, but the family down the street hanging on by a thread.

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