LAT's Seattle Downsizing


Among those listed as taking buyouts at the ever-downsizing Los Angeles Times is former Seattle Times columnist Terry McDermott. For the last decade he's been a special-assignment writer doing thoughtful, in-depth reports for the LAT. One of them, a four-part series called "Chasing Memory," this year won the Wistar Institute Science Journalism Award.

Terry, who told me in an e-mail awhile back he was agonizing over the staff cuts in LA, would join a small army of departing LATimesers, more than a few of them Pulitzer winners, leaving because they want to or have to - a malaise now familiar to print journalists globally.

The LAT is still the "best bargain in the world" for 50 cents, columnist Steve Lopez writes today, despite new owner Sam Zell's bottom-line journalism. (See Zell's bodycount at

Also on the LA departure list is former P-I reporter Evelyn Iritani, a Pulitzer winner who has been covering the PacRim for the Times. Not on the list are former SeaTimes reporter Teresa Watanabe, a LAT social issues writer, and of course the beloved and beloathed LAT sports columnist Bill Plaschke, onetime P-I sportswriter who left town and several unpaid bar tabs back in '87.

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