KC: He Won't Do the Voodoo in OKC


"Two in the cake, one in the puddin."

"He's in a different time, a different place and a different space. All he can see is white light and that rim is as big as a manhole cover right now."

"Million-dollar move, 5-cent finish."

"Nobody can do the voodoo like you do."

"Get on up for the downstoke."

"Flying chickens in the barnyard."

"Eddie Johnson hits from the top of the logo!"

"This is a jamfest. Give me some peanut butter and we’ll make a sandwich!"

"Payton takes it down the boulevard!"

"Shawn Kemp over the illustrated man [Dennis Rodman]! A Herculean royal flush by the Kemper on a setup by the Glove."

"Good golly Miss Molly!"

Kevin Calabro confirms today in Jim Moore’s column he will not, indeed, follow the Supes to OKC. The magic carpet lands.

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