Food for Thought, re: Light Rail


Had we voted waaaay back in 1968 to approve a regional light rail system (when the feds were offering 2-to-1 matching funds), it would've been completed in 1985 and the bonds would've been paid off last year.

This factoid brought to you by King County Council Member Julia Patterson, who along with the rest of the Sound Transit Board is currently debating nine amendments to the motion to put another light rail vote on the ballot in November.

"We have a moral obligation, not only to the people who elected us, but we have the obligation to their grandchildren," Patterson said. "I don't know if the benefits of a tax increase will outweigh the burden, but for heaven sakes, let the people decide."

Incidentally, 40 years ago, while Seattle was so in love with its punctual and expanding bus system, another growing Northwest burg to the south took a chance and approved its visionary and tremendously successful light rail system.

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