DUI King: 3 More Years


Robert Castle, the Lynwood man addicted to driving drunk, is now sentenced to more than five years in custody, and counting.

On the recommendation of Snohomish County prosecutors, Castle last week received three years in prison for felony eluding and gross misdemeanor DUI. That comes on the heels of 2 1/2 years in King County jail - a term to be served separately from the prison stretch - handed down in Seattle Municipal Court.

In the Snohomish case, the fleeing Castle, 52, had to be bumped off the roadway by a state trooper before he would stop. He still faces another eluding/DUI rap in Snohomish County - which led to him being Tasered for the second time in his enduring DUI career. He is also likely to be charged with felony DUI in an as-yet-unfiled case in King County, his 16th and last - for awhile anyway - DUI, dating back almost three decades.

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