Comments of the Week: Sex for Money? Bust Some REAL Criminals


WoodFellas: Frank Colacurcio and His Million-Dollar Empire of Flesh

"I have never heard Frank or any of his associates promote sex acts and I have worked for talents west for years. Stop hating these men for being rich and having some of the hottest girls in town getting naked! I agree with the last guy start spending the tax money on catching real criminals!"

-- Posted by "anominous dancer from bothell"

Step Right Up to Luxury

"Was this an architecture/urbanism review or you complaining about people who aren't poor? It's tough read through your cynicism, or maybe I'm just an "idiot"."

-- Posted by "Travis"

Get Ready For More Nasty Political Punditry

"I feel really stupid after reading your great post. For all these years, I thought that a 'Rush Limbaugh' was a cheesy-flavored laxative."

-- Posted by milos Jefferson III

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