Blocking the Public Piers


They're up to their old tricks down at Pier 70. As SW's Brian Miller reported last summer, businesses along the waterfront piers are required to maintain open public access. But the swells at Pier 70 seem to feel that doesn't apply to them during the sunny weather. Last night, the Waterfront restaurant, where Lobster Tail sells for 78 bucks, placed its tables to the very Western edge of the pier (see photo above) and strung a band across the right-of-way telling the public to get lost. On the other side of the pier, the public was denied access by a Providence Health Services cocktail party. (see photos below)


As Miller reported last year, "Piers that have been renovated or altered since the '70s have to provide public access on at least two sides of the structure, one being the western end facing Elliott Bay." "There are no exceptions," according to DPD spokesperson Alan Justad. But the folks at Pier 70 don't appear to think so. Calls to Triad Development, the owner of Pier 70, and Mackay Restaurants, owner of Waterfront, had not been returned at the time of this post.


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