Afternoon Edition: Crosstown Traffic, Like Manic Depression, is a Frustrating Mess


There's a fucking seven-mile long backup near the WS Bridge right now. Get used to it, fellow Westsiders.

KUOW asks: “Does Seattle need more trolleys?” Absolutely--anything to give us an excuse to keep coming up with obscene acronyms.

No seriously, I have a PhD from Harvard. Spokane diploma mill ringleader gets three years for helping liars everywhere pad their resumes.

If you want to bitch about the bus, now’s your chance!

Originally code-named “Albany,” now called Equipt, this exciting new software package allows you to rent Microsoft Office for one year, for the low, low price of $69.99.

Ballmer pays $100 million for search company Powerset—and he immediately gets to fire his acquisition’s founder, just because he can.

Carolina's Outer Banks are pretty rad.

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