Washington Ties at the DNC



Paul Tewes and Marygrace Galston, who both got their start helping run the Washington State Democrats' Coordinated Campaign and well as the campaigns of both Sens. Murray and Cantwell, are now the latest in leadership at the Democratic National Committee. Galston worked on Murray's 2004 campaign and stuck around to run her East King County office in 2005. Tewes, who served as the general consultant for Cantwell's 2006 reelection bid, is a familiar face among politicos in these parts. Both are Obama insiders. Tewes ran his successful and contest-changing ground game in Iowa. And Galston was the campaign's deputy Iowa director. Over at The Seattle Times, David Postman noted Tewes and Galston's Obama connection in January, astutely wondering what they'd do next (though he was likely talking more in terms of the campaign trenches.)

Rumor had it that Tewes was under consideration to take over as Democratic Party chairman in the days following Obama's successful securing of the nomination. But Obama opted to keep Howard Dean in place while ensuring Tewes and Galston would get high-level positions.

Dean, incidentally, will be in Seattle tonight hosting a fundraiser at a private home on Mercer Island.

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