Make Sure Your Fake ID Has Your Photo On It


The "Minor in Possession" citation was practically a right of passage in high school. By college the charge was just sort of embarrassing, with cops wandering the camp ground at The Gorge handing them out like band flyers. Apparently not much changes when it comes to teenagers and kegs. The King County Sheriff's Department has started doing party patrols, taking names and writing citations. This weekend 28 minors were busted for boozing, two adults were charged with selling to the tykes, a couple of kids were charged with dodging arrests, a reckless driver was caught and one person picked up a felony drug possession charge.

Here's some of the highlights courtesy of spokesman John Urquhart:

* Two eighteen year-old girls were arrested while sitting in their car drinking beer in the parking lot of the Woodinville Safeway.

* An adult was arrested after plain clothes detectives watched him buy beer at the Juanita QFC, delver the beer to a minor and hand over the change.

* A man drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade was contacted in Woodinville. He was quite proud of the fact he was 21 years-old, and therefore "legal". Not quite so proud of his DUI arrest warrant out of Spokane however.

* Several miles up the Middlefork of the Snoqualmie River a Mt. Si High School party was located. Many of the kids ran off into he woods, but seven were arrested and two guns were found, including a sawed-off shotgun. Washington State Liquor Control agents will follow up to find the registered owner of the confiscated keg.

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