If You Can't Beat the Internet, Join It


Since you're reading this on the blog, it's likely you've heard the news: this internet thing keeps getting bigger and its a problem for the dead tree version of newspapers. Today Gannett, owner of several small-town dailies and that staple of hotel lobbies everywhere USA Today, announced that it would purchase a minority stake in Seattle-based family scheduling service Cozi and earn a spot on the board of directors.

It's not the first time a newspaper company has sought to save the bottom line by investing in something unrelated to the business of journalism--Tribune Co., owner of the Chicago Tribune and L.A. Times, owned the Cubs for years. But that didn't work out so well for them. Still, it will be interesting to see how jumping on the online community bandwagon goes for Gannett and what it will mean for the rest of us luddites in the print journalism biz.

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