Comments of the Week: The Mars Volta at Sasquatch!


Cedric Bixler-Zavala, seconds after he tried to snatch our photog's livelihood. Photo by Renee McMahon.

Here's a look at a couple (unedited) thoughts left on blogs over the last week:

Why You Should Always Pack a Bottle of Urine When Going to See The Mars Volta

"This reviewer is obviously not a fan of new and progressive music to begin with. As far as i'm concerned the throwing of items into the audience was retribution (justified) for the urine the shorted out omar's amp at endfest. The crowd of docile hippies wouldn't have gotten of their asses unless cedric did something. Also, having to follow those comedians isn't the easiest thing to do after the entire audience had consumed all of their remaining drugs and alcohol. Go see a volta show at a club or theatre (if possible) and you might understand their complete ability in all aspects of the band. That is, of course, unless you are only into techno bullshit or that hippie pop bullshit

thank you"

-- Posted by "voltafan"

"I was in the audience for this, a couple rows back. I personally saw more than half of the audience *on the pit floor* sitting down and plugging their ears. I saw one person make makeshift earplugs out of newspaper.

And I didn't meet a person in the audience - and I talked to a fair few - who regarded Cedric's antics as anything other than ridiculous. Throwing drumsticks into the audience? Sure! The Hives did that too, as did others. This wasn't a dead audience. But there's a difference between throwing a drumstick and throwing a heavy cymbal. And there's definitely a point where you should just stop; the look on Omar's face was legitimately angry, regardless of what the dynamics of the band on stage. You don't kick someone off another person for no reason."

-- Posted by "Likes Music"

"Man... if I had known at the time that all it would've taken to make The Mars Volta stop playing was a little urine, I'd have climbed the stage and peed on that guy myself."

-- Posted by "Jens"

"Monday was great for music, the Volta was great, the Lips were great; the Concords and Rodrigo and Gabriella are novelty bands (hard to follow). The Seattle Weekly has by far the worst music coverage of all Seattle rags, and since the writer of this review suggested throwing piss, I would say to piss on every crappy issue of the Weekly; that tries so hard to be the little "less cool" brother of the Stranger and to be let down every time cause the older brother is to busy even to notice. Deal with it, get some real music writers, cover it honestly and appreciate a good performance when you see it. Remember its not a temper tantrum on stage its theatrics and it was amusing, scary, intriguing; and I couldn't take my eyes of it - which is more than I could say for the other headliners: Death Cab (blah), the Cure (break up), Rem (whiny "hope I don't Slip" Stipe)."

-- Posted by "SeattleWeeklySucks"

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