Clifford Before the Supremes


Chris Clifford, didn't get to bring his class to Olympia for a real life civics lesson at the state's highest court. School's been out for a couple weeks. But Clifford, a high school teacher and longtime open-government activist, did have the chance yesterday to argue his case for recalling Port Commissioner Pat Davis in front of the Supremes.

"It was an interesting experience," Clifford says. "You have nine people looking at you. You try not to focus on one more than the other. I hope I did well. Hope I didn’t sound like an idiot."

By all accounts, Clifford held his own. Now he just has to wait. The court could take weeks and more likely months to make a ruling. It's already been more than a year since a King County Superior Court judge sided with Clifford. If the Supreme Court rules in his favor, Clifford will have six months to collect the 150,000 signatures needed to put a recall vote on the ballot. If the Supremes wait too long, Clifford may run out of time. Davis is up for reelection in 2009, but most indications are that the 22-year incumbent won't run again.

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