Ballard's Most Famous Holdout Passes On


Edith Macefield, the Ballard octagenarian who famously turned down a $1 million offer to sell her small parcel of land behind Mike's Chili Parlor to the developer of a controversial mixed-use retail project, has passed away, the Daily Weekly just learned. "I liked the old Ballard," Macefield told the P.I. this past October. "The new one -- you can have it." Who will have her land and what will become of it remains uncertain; Macefield has no known heirs, meaning her real estate is likely to end up in probate court, and the aforementioned developer, Scott Clark, accepted the fact that he'd have to build around Macefield's home long ago. That said, while the project is already pretty far along, it's hard to imagine Clark wouldn't still be interested in the property.

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