An Open Letter to the Border Patrol


Orcas Island

This from Jeff Bossler, an Orcas Island resident who has struggled economically since the Border Patrol erected a checkpoint in Anacortes earlier this year.

An open letter to Joe Giuliano:

Not too many years ago our Commander-in-chief stated in a nationally broadcast speech; “any man who uses violence to get his way is a terrorsit.” Three days later he initiated “Shock and Awe,” and that was only the beginning.

America’s arrogant and violent behavior around the world while boasting that “we don’t need a permission slip” is exactly what fuels terrorism. The CIA callis it “blow-back.” Some of dare to call it “when the chickens come home to roost.”

Here at home, the deliberate mixing of national security and immigration is being used to inject the fog of war into the enforcement activities of an over-zealous executive branch.

It was not so long ago that another modern democracy used such ways and means to cast a driftnet over its population in order to cleanse itself of the “illegals.” As the horrible roundups began, most patriotic citizens stood behind their government in order to conform to the law, and stood fast for the “sake of the nation.” According to the authorities, it was the patriotic thing to do. “You’re either with us or against us.”

It was only a small but determined faction of people who “illegally” resisted the efforts of the Third Reich. It was only a few churches who “went political” to give refuge at great risk to their institutions and their own lives. Just as those who didn’t “look like us” were stopped at checkpoints and coerced for ID and detained, so it is now happening on domestic ferry runs.

Let us never forget that those employees of the State who rounded up the Jews and their sympathizers to death camps were obeying “the rule of the law.” They were “just doing their job.”

Yes, in a nation of rules, it may be that “ignorance is no excuse for the law.” But perhaps the laws of man are no substitute for universally accepted laws of God and no law of man should serve as an excuse for crimes against immigrants and their families.

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