Towards a Cheaper Death


Not to make too much of it, but a former third-place finisher in the Washington gubernatorial election will be one of the keynote speakers at a forthcoming conference on funerals.

This lively get-together, however, is intended to help and inform consumers of funerals - which would be you, me, and pretty much everyone except for Jon Stewart, who is God and will be needed to sweep up anyway.

John Eric Rolfstad, executive director of Seattle's People's Memorial Association, tells us the Funeral Consumers Alliance and his association will stage its largest conference ever "for consumer activists working for affordable end-of-life options," June 26-28 at Seattle University. People's Memorial is the largest nonprofit, member-owned funeral co-op in the U. S.

Keynote speakers:

-- Mark Harris, author of Grave Matters and a former LA Times columnist. (He'll show you how to have a formaldehyde-free funeral).

-- Kathryn Tucker, Director of Legal Affairs for Compassion and Choices (and the person who successfully defended Oregon

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