People Love to Give You Directions on the Bus

Really, they do. Pipe up and ask the person next to you how to get to Everett from Fremont, or where to find the bus to the airport and they will happily tell you, indeed the five other people within earshot will also chime in and give you their tips and possibly even offer to walk five blocks out of their way to show you the Westlake bus tunnel entrance. Really, I've seen it many times. (It's also a terrific way to break the ice on the New York subway, as it happens. New Yorkers are never friendlier than when explaining the subway system--that is, except for the people who are actually paid to do so.)

So what does that mean for you? It means that if you're unsure where to pick up that bus to Everett, or where the Westlake bus tunnel entrance is, you should perhaps inquire of someone during the course of your ride. This is far preferable, for example, to waiting until it's your stop and then standing in the middle of the aisle asking for detailed instructions from a driver who apparently has nothing better to do but patiently answer every inane question you have for ten minutes while FORTY PEOPLE SIT THERE UNABLE TO GET TO WORK.

Just a thought.

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