New York's Most Eligible Hero-Bachelor From Seattle

Line up, ladies, he's single (for now)!


There was a near drowning, and a dramatic rescue, off Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. At first, the brave, anonymous rescuer was unidentified (above). But now the New York Daily News has outed Kevin Campion as that city's most eligible hero. He's a globe-trotting ship's captain, sailor, surfer, and frog lover. And he's from Seattle. His family members are quoted in the NYDN article, while Campion himself has apparently sailed off to seek his next adventure. Over on Gawker, his new fans are making him out to be the ideal hybrid between Matthew Fox and Matthew McConaughey--handsome, tattooed, a strong swimmer, and a hunky liberal not afraid to take action. Can a movie version of the rescue be far behind?

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