Lindsey Probe Expanding To the Port of Seattle


The Los Angeles investigation into former Port of Seattle official Gina Marie Lindsey has now blossomed out to include questions about her tenure as SeaTac aviation director.

In particular, what was her involvement, if any, in the scandalous spending and contract abuses by the Port that surfaced in that bombshell December state auditor's report? That report has since led to an ongoing federal criminal investigation.

Lindsey, now executive director of LAX and other LA-area airports, was in charge at SeaTac from 1993 to August 2004 when a number of deals and contracts now being targeted by the feds were undertaken. After leaving here she went to work as a lobbyist for McBee Strategic Consulting in D.C. and eventually was hired as LA's airport chief last May.

McBee is among the firms whose dealings are questioned in the Seattle audit and could be a target of the current Justice Department probe. According to the audit, McBee's contract with the Port was increased from $200,000 to $600,000 in $200,000 increments while Lindsey worked here. By improperly parceling out the work, the Port may have skirted requirements to put the job out for competitive bid, assuring McBee of the deal. Among the questions: Did Lindsey, who accepted the McBee job months prior to leaving SeaTac, have any role in such practices?

She tells the Los Angeles Times she's been gone from Seattle too long to competently answer questions about the audit, but "If there was something I had done outside my authority, I would have been contacted as part of the audit. No one has ever contacted me."

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