Enough Already With the Hillary Veep Talk


As New York magazine writes its its post-mortem on the flatlining Clinton campaign, let's shoot another really retarded notion in the head as well: that Clinton will occupy the bottom of the Dem's Prez-Veep ticket. Ain't gonna happen, for two reasons. One, it doesn't help Obama. While there are those who will argue (falsely, in my opinion) that Obama's the one that Republicans want as their target, an Obama-Clinton ticket would be like positioning a paralyzed Willie Horton in front of Dick Cheney's rifle. The Grand Old Party could run a transsexual iguana as its nominee (and to diehard conservatives, McCain ain't much better), and the money would still pour in, given the opposition.

Two, given Hillary's relative age and megalomania, it doesn't make sense career-wise. While smart money's on Obama to topple McCain in the November general (it's the turnout, stupid), it's hardly a foregone conclusion -- and Clinton would do herself no favors being on the losing end of that debacle. Conversely, if McCain eeks out a victory over Obama and whoever (Biden or Richardson are my best guesses), Clinton is the surefire nominee in '12 -- really the last year she can run without being fitted for adult diapers. Then again, she was supposed to be the surefire nominee in '08, so we'll see what happens.

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