Comments of the Week: Rainier Valley Edition


Here's a look at a couple (unedited) thoughts left on articles over the last week:

The Intersection of Gentrification and Neglect

"Is there anything you people don't bitch about? Nowhere else would such an influx of money and attention be viewed as racist and unwanted. If the people of the rainier valley were so interested in "keeping" the neighborhood, perhaps ridding the area of the obscene amount of drug pushers and gang members would have been a good start. If anything is racist here, its complaining about "white and affluent" people moving into your neighborhood..."

-- Posted by "gdog"

"I think commenter #1 has missed the whole point of this article. I'm willing to bet he/she lives nowhere near this end of town. Having lived here many years with neighbors of every race and gender persuasion, I find such shallow comments to be totally devoid of information, much less intelligence. Diversity encompasses all people and we are all guilty of racism (oh, did I really say that!). I'm glad you don't live in my neighborhood."

-- Posted by "koopr"

"Too bad for you, dude... I live right here, and can't wait for the place to get cleaned up. What the heck do your kuhm-ba-ya comments have to do with the changing of a neighborhood? What would you prefer? Leaving a section of city to rot and decay do that the people who live there won't feel bad that other folks with money can buy them out? This article and koopr are perfect example of the class envy that pervades this city and the democratic party in this state."

-- Posted by "gdog"

"Actually, the largest number of drug related shoots, stabbings and other activity occurs in Belltown. Or did you miss the video? Like gdog, I live close to this neighborhood and simply can't wait for some redevelopment. This isn't racist, it's evolution. The Rainier Valley has, for more than 100 years, been home to the latest crop of immigrants -- from the Italians (Boraccini? Oberto?), to a large and diverse Jewish population, to Chinese and Japanese, to Jim Crow-fleeing African Americans of WWII, to SE Asians, to East Africans. But pockets of the lower Rainier Valley have remained decrepit for decades, occupied by few businesses other than churches, social services, and narrowly targeted ethnic shops. Decent restaurants, other than in Columbia City, do not exist. For all the whining some MLK restaurants do, there isn't any cleanliness or quality service to go with the marginal food. Reviews are padded an extra star to reward the Sound Transit hardship -- the food generally sucks.

But the land is cheap, and working class people of any race and ethnicity can take a risk and invest in sweat equity to build up personal wealth and a future. THAT is how a community is built, and that is how me and my neighbors are proudly doing it, and trying to support the crummy restaurants until someone with a palate and a proper toque can recognize the potential that exists.

Gentrify my ass. This is investment in our city, in our community, and in our future. Bring it on."

-- Posted by "Feisty Brain"

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