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Here's a look at a few (unedited) thoughts left on articles over the last week:

Help, Or I'll Shoot

"I cant believe this stupid article

A decent person, a father gets shot in the head, a daughter gets deprived of a chance of having a father whilst she grows up and all this article is devoted to all the excuses why this asshole murdered and his mental history. Who cares what his history is? People have had tougher lives to live and have emerged victorious.

When this country stops blaming the goverment, the neighbours, the drugs and takes a hard look at the basic problem with America-Breakdown of the Family which is the only structure and model that can and is responsible for individual growth, only then will you have a moment of peace. The pursuit of more, the greed, the lack of responsiblity, the inability to make even small amount of sacrifice and the complete lack of consideration for each other is all stemming from the lack of values not instilled in childhood because of the absence of a parent or the wrong kind of parent."

-- Posted by "lisa'

"I think the point of the article is being missed by the readers below. It has been well established by legal precedent that someone who is clinically insane cannot be held accountable in the same way for their actions due to their skewed perception of reality. That said, it is society's responsibility to identify cases of extreme mental illness and provide treatment; separating them from others if they pose a danger as in this case.

The justice system relies so heavily on deterrence which is not effective in cases of mental illness. Without a developed sense of morality or understanding of consequences as is the case in some mental illnesses, the threat of jail does not prevent the crime. Hence the need for identification of mental illness and treatment to help deter violent crimes. In the case featured in this article, the identification was certainly there; however effective treatment was not provided and little deterrence was in place to check this boy's actions.

In no way are this boy's actions excusable, but we do need to reflect on the availability of mental treatment to those who have been identified as potentially dangerous. Our criminal justice system seems to fail at deterring violent crimes for the insane making examining our mental health programs and their relationship to the justice system very important."

-- Posted by "Keith"

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