Not Exactly McCainiacts

john.jpg I'm No. 5! I'm No. 5!

A recent SurveyUSA poll shows Barack Obama handily beating John McCain by 13 points in Washington state if a White House vote were held today. Hillary Clinton would also beat the Republican in WA, but by just three points.

New campaign contribution totals put the differences at even broader margins: Obama has raised $3.7 million in the Evergreen State, according to the latest totals from the Center for Responsive Politics, giving him a 2-1 money lead over Clinton, who has received $1.6 million. McCain has taken in just $600,000 -- he’s actually fifth on the state list today, still trailing Mitt Romney and John Edwards.

Obama’s Washington dollars overwhelming come from the Seattle metro area -- about $3 million. Clinton raised $1.3 million here, and McCain $400,000. (For a little Trans-Mountain, Half-Red Half-Blue State comparison: Yakima money favors John McCain, while Spokane surprisingly is backing Obama, albeit just ahead of Ron Paul -- who still remains the No. 1 money-getter in the Tri-Cities).

And, as ever, Seattle’s 98112 zip code -- the donor gold vein that runs from Capitol Hill to Madison Park -- is geographically the state’s biggest presidential election contributor. It, too, backs Obama 2-1 over Clinton ($300,000 to $156,000), with McCain a distant fourth (after Edwards) at $25,000.

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