McDonald to Sbux: I'll See Your Free Drip, Raise You Free Espresso

The free 8-oz drips Starbucks is slinging out tomorrow has been a pr spectacular--the hint of a big announcement this week, ad campaigns with nothing but 4/8/08 teasing the eye. Even if you don't like coffee, you can't possibly not know that you can get it for free starting at 9 a.m. But McDonald's, who hopes to start cutting into Sbux stranglehold on the ridiculously expensive, fancy-pants coffee market, isn't taking the promotion lying down. I just came across a banner ad for Unsnobby Coffee, a McDonald's-driven Web site that lets you print out coupons for free small espresso drinks to your heart's content. The promotion only applies to Western Washington and the coupons are good until the 14th.

There's also a cute feature on the site where you can send an e-intervention to a friend that insists on drinking uber-froofy coffee (presumably McDonald's espresso drinks will come in little flannel shirts.) I think this round goes to Sbux for the buzz it managed to generate with its teased out promotion.

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