Joose Safe... For Now


You'll still be able to get your favorite flashy new high-octane malt beverage at the corner store for the foreseeable future. Neighborhood advocates had hoped that the city's report on Alcohol Impact Areas would include a recommendation to the Liquor Control Board to add new products like Joose, Max Ice, Camo and Bootlegger to the list of banned products. No such luck. Apparently the board thinks there's not enough evidence that enough people are drinking this new generation of cleverly-named, headache-inducing beverages for them to go through the lengthy process of prohibition. (Products are banned by name, not by percentage of alcohol.)

If the city council wants the Liquor Control Board to take this seriously, they're going to have to collect cans. That's right, collect cans! "I'm thinking we'll have to do more clean-up to see if this stuff's out there," says council member Sally Clark. [Confidential to council: head to Broadway, or to the bus stops on Pine and Pike, or to the staircases that connect Melrose with Bellevue on Capitol Hill -- you should be able to fill a trash bag in no time.]

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