Amazon is Gr8 LOL!

In the future, the text messaging feature on your phone will make your bed, run a hot bath and whip up a souffle, but for now, Amazon announced the next big step in texting convenience: buying stuff.

The way it works is: you notice someone on the bus reading that new Michael Chabon book you've been eyeing. You send a text to AMAZON (262966) with the title, or if you're really aggressive, you get your bookish busmate to give you the UPC or ISBN code off the cover. Amazon will then text you back with a list of products that match your search, each assigned a numeric code. You reply with the codes of the stuff you want. Then they call you to confirm everything (and presumably get your credit card information, which you should state slowly and clearly so your friendly Amazon customer service rep and everyone else on the bus can make sure they get it right.) See, easy-peasy.

With the call at the end I can't imagine this is actually more convenient than just ringing the company up from the get go, but it will give you a chance to work on your texting prowess. No word yet on where to send a text when your copy of Eat, Pray, Love arrives with a torn cover: GMMFMB! (Give me my fucking money back!)

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