Afternoon Edition: No Longer Trapped in the Closet


Whoever killed the electric car forgot to visit Everett.

Goldy to OKC sportscasters: what goes around comes around.

Safeco Field to remain Safeco Field -- for now.

You rabbit-eared Luddites had better get cable. Like pronto.

Just think what a difference he could have made if, instead of dressing up like a clown, Patch Adams/Robin Williams had doled out gaming consoles so sickly children could blow post-apocalyptic aliens to Hell.

I'm pretty sure this guy who got killed by Will Ferrell's grizzly bear was one of my co-workers at

There'll never be a better reason to visit Paddy Coyne's on a Thirstday than this.

Are we witnessing the extinction of the big-name newspaper sportswriter?

After six years, R. Kelly's underage sex crime case is finally set to begin.

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