$3 Million Settlement In School Molestation Case

Seattle attorney Anne Bremner is calling it the largest single victim-sex-abuse award of its kind in Washington State -- a $3 million settlement approved today in King County Superior Court in a case brought by two students against the Seattle School District and one of its teachers, serial-molester Lawrence E. “Shayne" Hill.

The district effectively conceded it failed to protect the two 5th graders from Hill, now 58 and in prison. From at least 2001 through 2005 while teaching at Broadview-Thomson Elementary School in northeast Seattle, he kissed, caressed, rubbed, fondled, or digitally explored at least three but as many as seven grade-school girls while school officials failed to properly react to complaints.

In a press release from Bremner, former state Superintendent of Public Instruction Judith Billings calls the case “by far the most egregious example of students being put at risk because of the negligence and seeming deliberate disregard of their safety by a school district."

Altogether, Bremner said in her trial brief, district employees observed hundreds of incidents of Hill’s sexually inappropriate behavior with his young female students at school, dating back to the 1980s.

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