The War on the War on Drugs Gains an Unlikely Ally

That'd be the P.I.'s Joel Connelly, a big guy who's never been confused for a big stoner. In his column today, he focuses on Edmonds-based Euro-sherpa Rick Steves' crusade to do away with punitive drug laws -- kind of. Like many a Connelly column, the main subject (Steves) is discarded rather early, so as to free up space for JC to drive his argument home more forcefully, this time citing a park ranger buddy of his who, because he smoked a joint awhile back, has to cool his heels for a set time period before seeking a promotion. Park rangers, of all people, should be permitted to smoke a plant that comes from the earth which they tend. Connelly doesn't say it that wasy, but that's the insinuation -- and it's spot-on.

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