SnoHo Couple Confronts NYC Hipster Horror

"These prices are nothing like Belltown!"

We heart The New York Times real estate pages, particularly the regular "The Hunt" columns, since they make the cost and hassle of Seattle home shopping seem so puny by comparison. So now we almost feel like friends of former Belltown couple Brandon and Jette Starniri, UW grads and young marrieds on the prowl for real estate in outer borough NYC. Their story can be found here. In trendy Williamsburg, Jette declares, "I wasn’t a hipster, so I didn’t know if I could live there." And my favorite part is when their kitchen counter and cabinets are stolen from the home they finally found in Clinton Hill, a less-than-fashionable part of Brooklyn. You could compare the neighborhood to, say, Haller Lake, only our thieves don't steal your entire kitchen.

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