Larry the Cable Guy's Evil Twin


Who wears flannel, scruffy facial hair, and robs banks? The Git 'R Done Bandit of course! Last December, a man showed up in a ball cap at a Mill Creek Key Bank and passed a note to the teller reading: "This is a robbery, give me the money," according to the FBI. He then handed her a plastic bag and demanded she fill it.

Then on March 5, he showed up at the Verity Credit Union in Lynnwood (local bandit-watchers may remember that location from its previous victimization at the hands of the Beaker Bandit). He robbed it in the same manner, adding flannel and sunglasses to his ensemble. No weapon was seen in either robbery, but the FBI is after him. In case the picture isn't clear enough, he's described as a white male in his late twenties with a large build. Be on the lookout for shifty-eyed people who look like they should be on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

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