Did the ELF succeed?

Since there's no official organization or spokesperson, there's no way to ask them. But according to a story in the Times this morning, the whole building green debate has been reignited as a result of the arsons last month that made smoldering rubble out of the Street of Dreams.

In case you've forgotten, someone - probably the Earth Liberation Front - torched some of the houses and left a hand-painted sign blasting the "McMansions" for their supposedly environmentally friendly construction. Regardless of whether the buildings were actually "green," or just allowed their owners to feel good about themselves, it must be pointed out that in this instance, the act has called attention to the ELF's rallying cry - probably the whole point in the first place. Not that the media should stick its head in the sand on these matters, but it's unfortunate that, in this instance, media speculation probably gave the arsonists what they wanted.

Hmm, food (probably vegan) for thought.

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