Comments of the Week: Payday Loans, Pay-Per-Use Toilets, and Waiting Tables


Sir, Your Table Is Taken. The Cops Will Show You Out

"All I can say is WOW what a city we live in! Our police are busy protecting a snobby restaurant and its childish customers, our newspaper publishes such news...I want to cry!"

-- Posted by "Lati"

"What happened to the old saying-"The customer is always right, even if they are wrong?"

It is my opinion that very little diplomacy or small gratuity was offered to calm the disgruntled customer.

The customer was dissapointed and thus rude to the staff. Moreno, the manager, dished out the bully the customer technique. Jimenez, the owner cryed like a baby."

-- Posted by "Richard Lionheart"

Moneytree CEO Wants You to Rethink His Business

"Let's remember that many payday loan establishments actually started as a check cashing business -- a service that was greatly needed in low-income communities because traditional banks would not provide financial services -- which is why many of the payday lenders are located in communities of color.

And, finally, when your car breaks down and you won't have the money to get it fixed for a week, this short-term loan is vital to your ability to continue your employment.

Sure, there are people who get in trouble with the short-term credit but there are folks who get in over their heads with traditional credit and I don't see anyone protesting Citibank. And, MoneyTree will extend your loan if you can't pay it back when you promised without any additional fees. Will B of A give you the same courtesy?

I get tired of folks treating the working poor like children. The adults who borrow money are responsible enough to have jobs and checking accounts. Surely, they can decide if they can afford a payday loan.

I think we do need appropriate and measured regulation but nothing so absurd as to drive the payday loan people out of business. Whether we want to accept it or not, they provide a valuable service to a community that traditional financial services have abandoned."

-- Posted by "Former Customer"

"Thanks for writing a balanced article about the payday lending industry. Like any industry, there are critics of payday lending. There are also consumers who misuse the product and have buyer's remorse, like Ms. Davis, even though she says it helped her when she needed it. And there are lenders in the industry who don't positively contribute to its reputation. The same could be said of any industry.

But, most of the people in the payday loan industry and its customers are decent, honest, responsible and want to do the right thing. Mr. Bassford is one of the good guys. Congrats Seattle Weekly - you've done what others have failed to do - write a balanced piece that challenges not just the claims of the industry but those of its critics equally."

-- Posted by "veritas"

Your Public Toilet Is in Trouble

"The simple solution is to charge money for the use of the toilets, as they do in major European cities. Get with the program, Seattle, and stop being so g_d passive aggressive! Pay to pee and it'll go toward maintenance costs AND keep the bums out (so to speak)."

-- Posted by "K"

"When the Public Toilets in Pioneer Square opened for the 1909 Worlds Fair, they were touted in Harpers as being the most beautiful in the country. They were closed up in the 30's or 40's... but A MILLION DOLLARS could go far to renovate them (a historic attraction) and then HIRE some of the Panhandlers of Pioneer Square to keep them clean as attendents.... offering real jobs to real people... Maybe not as High Tec, but this would serve several postitive functions at with just one program...

Maybe it makes too much sense?"

-- Posted by "Seattle Guide Greg"

"Why not just install some open air urninals with three sided glass around them. Why does taking a pee have to be so secretive. JUst watch how dogs do it."

-- Posted by "art"

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