Comments of the Week: Pale Ale Backlash


Kevin P. Casey

Even in a Craft Beer Mecca Like Seattle, Microbrewers Are Struggling

"If this gets local brewers to stop over-hopping beers, I'm not sad at all."

-- Posted by "Zzzzz"

"I am with the first poster on this. Quite frankly, I would not drink a local Micro-brew if you paid me. It cracks me up to see these self-imposed local beer connoisser's smacking there lips and saying... mmmm Hoppy!

Give me a Guinness or Stella any day!

Micro-brews and amateur winemakers are in the same boat, it'll get you drunk but it's not a pleasant experience."

-- Posted by "Paul"

"I sure do hopes the beer makers are able to keep makin beer. Me and my brother Earl sure do like to drink it up. Say, aint that thar fella George Hancock one of them thar Beer Commissioners for the state of Washington? I'd bet a whole heep a hops that he's got alot of beer in his basement. Why ain't that Smilin Baron von Lagermiester drinkin beer and stuffin greenbacks in thar pockets? Is that why our beer costs sooooo much?

-- Posted by "Foamy Beerbottom"

Here Comes Pat!

"It would appear that "Squeaky clean Seattle" is a state of mind--far from reality."

-- Posted by "Roberto Riccio"

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