Carrasco Hearings Scheduled


Council member Bruce Harrell, the new chairman of the Energy and Technology Committee, promises that the vetting of City Light Superintendent Jorge Carrasco will be thorough, saying that both customers and employees will be called upon to assist in the process. After four years at City Light, Carrasco must be reconfirmed by the city council. A public hearing is scheduled for April 23. The full confirmation timeline can be found here.

The council is likely to get an earful from City Light employees, some of whom have already started lobbying to ensure the process is more than just perfunctory. Following the Weekly's cover story on the superintendent and his tenure at City Light, council members received a letter from one former employee (describing him or herself only as a "Concerned Citizen") that lists the salaries and years at the utility of the top 26 City Light officials in an attempt to disprove Carrasco's claim that he'd promoted 11 of these people from within. The letter also questions whether Carrasco is truly responsible for the financial recovery of the utility, arguing that the recovery started when the rates were increased-- well before Carrasco arrived.

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