WSF's On-Time Report Card: As and Fs


As of this morning, The Tillikum, mercifully, was removed from the Bremerton run, and placed back on the Vashon-Southworth-Fauntleroy run. Vashon's back up to three boats and Bremerton's got the much larger Kitsap back in rotation. The Yakima, sans Wi-Wi, is still running to Bremerton.

The Tillikum's illustrious run on the Bremerton route will be forever remembered for its time without running drinking water, a cabin that stank worse than aged gym socks, and the pleasantly unpredictable schedule. How unpredictable? According to numbers released to SW, it failed its on-time report every day between Jan. 14 and 18. And not just by a few minutes. Evening runs consistently came in between 20 and 40 minutes late.

Even though the boats were consistently late, WSF still failed to alert riders of the delay every day. And -- this is surprising, even for WSF -- they never changed the schedule, even though the Tillikum took almost 10 minutes longer to make the run than the other boats.

Not surprise here, but as the Vashon and Bremerton riders dealt with some of the most inconvenient predicaments in recent memory, the Bainbridge run's on-time reported remained virtually flawless.

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